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AVANA is another name for Dentistry, Cosmetology & Plastic Surgery under one roof. We are internationally trained ‘Aesthetic Architects’ helping people unleash their true personality with the use of science, art and some magic.

  • UK Trained Specialists
  • 700,000 Painless Procedures
  • Treatment, Stay & Tourism Packages

Avana Services

When science meets art, magic follows

Taking dental care to the next level takes precision.

Skin Asthetics

It's not about how you look, it's about how you feel.


No gimmicks. Just a full head of hair.

Cosmetic Surgery

Go from dull to flawless with Avana.

Meet the Experts

Science, perfected to an art, practiced like magic.

With more than 15 years of global experience and exposure, AVANA’s team super specialists, dental and cosmetic, is committed to providing you pain-free, bloodless procedures that come with a lifetime warranty. We’re on a mission to spread infinite smiles beyond boundaries and are thus, fully trained to meet the international standards of surgery and transcultural dental traits.

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Our exhilarated global patients cheering Avana India out of joy and contentment

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