About Avana

AVANA is another name for Dentistry, Cosmetolgy & Plastic surgery under one roof. We are internationally trained 'Aesthetic Architects' helping people unleash their true personality with the use of science, art and some magic.

  • UK Trained Specialists
  • 100,000 Painless Procedures
  • Treatment, Stay & Tourism Packages

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives." That is exactly what we practice and preach at Avana. With a motto to revolutionise the Dental & Cosmetic sector globally, we at Avana deliver nothing less than the best of our services to clients. Avana is a team of Internationally Trained Aesthetic Architects that offers services to design facial platforms using the best of art and science to give people a face they dream of. Dental & Medical tourism being our main forte, we offer Travel & Cosmetic packages to our global clientele which includes Bollywood celebs, Expats, Politicians etc. Popularly known as the 'Aesthetic Pandits', we proudly boast ourselves as the only Dental & Cosmetic chain with a worldwide presence with clinics at New Delhi, Gurgaon, Dubai, London, Hungary and Brisbane.



Dr Neeraj Sahni


  • Facial Surgeon, Implantologist & Special Needs Dentist
  • Delhi, Gurgaon, Dubai & London

Know More About Dr Neeraj Sahni www.drneerajsahni.com

Accolades & Highlights

  • Awarded as Best Dental Enterpreneur in 2013.
  • Awarded as the Best Dental Practice Manager by Prime Time Global Healthcare Awards.
  • Awarded as the Best Doctor 2015 by Brand Achievers Award in association with Leadership & Quality Promotion Council.
  • Successfully facilitated 1100 Health Tourism Packages
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Dr Shilpi Behl


  • Director, Senior Dentist & Facial Esthetics Expert
  • Delhi, Gurgaon, Dubai & London

Know More About Dr Shilpi Behl www.drshilpibehl.com

Accolades & Highlights

  • Specialist in Botox, Fillers & other Esthetic Facial Treatments.
  • Best Dentist award by Brand Achievers in 2016.
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Meet the Aesthetic Pandits

Pioneers do things differently and that is what defines Dr. Neeraj Sahni & Dr. Shilpi Behl the best in the field of dentistry. Dr. Neeraj & Shilpi conceived the idea of Global Dental Tourism after being exposed to cutting-edge and advanced expensive dental technology. Owing to their passion and achievement in the field of dentistry and cosmetology, Dr. Neeraj & Shilpi are often known as ‘Aesthetic Pandits’ or ‘Facial Architects’.

World-Class Trained Professionals

After receiving global training from prestigious institutes, Dr. Neeraj & Shilpi set out to build Avana HealthCare with the vision to provide quality dental treatment to patients in the UK. Their highly skilled and professional treatments service greatly contributed to the Dental and medical arena in UK and established their name in the domain.

International Standards

Dr. Neeraj & Shilpi believe in contributing back to their motherland in the field of healthcare and so, along Avana Healthcare, London, they decided to start a medical revolution in the country. Avana Healthcare offers complete Oral Solutions, which include procedures like Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, Botox treatment as well as Dental Jewelry. The state of the art clinic and procedures offered by Avana have attracted many prominent Bollywood stars, cricketers and other VIP clientele and been appreciated highly, owing to their expertise.

Oral Cancer Prevention Initiatives

Dr. Neeraj & Shilpi are also on the Board of Directors for Oral Cancer Solution (India) Pvt. Ltd. The company is dedicated to reducing the Oral Cancer rates prevalent in the country. With Dr. Shilpi leading the team, a group of doctors supervises and conducts Oral Cancer check-up camps across various rural towns and villages across India wherein they educate and check the rural citizens for Oral Cancer using the latest technology imported from Europe. Using equipment like the Velscope, a primary level – no pain – oral cancer detection instrument, they not only expose rural India to healthcare of global standards, but also educate them against the use of tobacco and its byproducts.

5 Star Treatments

Members of the British Society for Oral Medicine, been involved in setting up a chain of dental clinics adhering to international standards in equipment, quality and service. Based out of 5-star establishments, these surgeries focus on providing their clientele with international quality ambience and equipment, right in the heart of their hometown. The rejuvenating features of the spa have always been the favourite location of the rich and famous from across the country.

Bridging the Gap

Dr. Neeraj & Shilpi have helped bridge the gap between European, UAE & Indian dental educational bodies. They have established contact between top clinicians from both countries and initiated a dialogue to open a plethora of avenues for students among these countries. They offer dental students a chance to participate in a student-exchange programme that allows them to travel to the other countries and pursue a part of their semesters at the foreign institution.