Are you self conscious about the appearance of your teeth and gums? Do you hesitate to smile in public, covering your mouth when you laugh or keeping your mouth shut in the photos? Whereas, the fact is, your smile is the only feature that is very first and immediately noticed and that tells the world how you are doing. Your smile has a power to change your entire day, your mood, your poise so why not feel confident about and make the world admire your flashing grin? Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a potentially ideal solution for the people who are discontent or uncomfortable with the condition of their gums and teeth in the form of fully customized SMILE MAKEOVER or DESIGNING a SMILE that fits your face and is unique to you!

Never heard of the term Smile Makeover/ Smile Designing/ Hollywood Smile? Let me tell you what it is!

Your smile tends to lose its vibrancy with the aging process, tooth loss, discoloration, excessive grinding, cavities, tooth decay, misshapen teeth or minor orthodontic issues. In most of the cases, imperfect smile is the major cause that hampers one’s self-confidence and physical appearance. With a smile makeover, you get to design several aspects of your teeth to finally flaunt your dream smile or the secretly desired Hollywood Smile! Smile Makeover is an overhaul of many different types of restorative procedures and cosmetic dentistry techniques that has a prominent focus on the esthetics appearance of your smile. Any underlying dental issues need to be treated before you wear your perfect grin. Smile Makeover is the customization or designing of your teeth to achieve the more youthful, attractive smile in a healthy mouth that you have always wished for. "A Smile Makeover is an art combined with explicit finesse and scientific expertise to give your imperfect smile the magical transcendence it deserves." For a perfect smile makeover, I strongly believe that a dentist must be an ace clinician, a skilled artist and an unambiguous communicator. I pay a close attention to every minute detail from initial consultation to planning, treatment and follow-up care. The key to my successful smile makeover treatments is creating the smile that the patient wants, not just what I would design. The satisfaction of my patients with glowing beam is what makes my numerous efforts all worthy. Having a dilemma of what to expect, and how to go for a just right smile makeover? Let me elucidate some of the parameters that I work upon:
  • Bite assessment: I completely study and analyze your bite when you come for a consultation. Having a close look at your bite edge to edge I decide whether the dental veneers or the dental crowns are best suited for you. For instance, if your upper teeth hit your lower teeth, I generally do not recommend veneers as they may fall off. If your bite is right, I suggest you to go for dental crowns.
  • Fixing Dental Issues:before adorning your teeth and giving them esthetics appeal, your major or minor dental issues need to be fixed. Only in a healthy mouth you will be able to enjoy the stunning grin.
  • Facial Contour: although absurd it may sound, but your face and lip contour play a major role in defining your smile. The length, width, shapes and alignment of your teeth is enhanced to match up your facial and lip profile to create that oh-so-dazzling smile. Also, the right grooves need to be maintained by closing the gaps if found any.
  • Shade Selection of your Teeth:a pleasing and attractive smile is a result of the ideal harmony of your complexion, eye ball color, hair color, lip color, lip contour, your ethnicity, and sunlight exposure. I take into consideration all the mentioned parameters while deciding upon the hue and brightness of your smile.
  • Creating the Mock-up: my ultimate goal is the satisfaction of my patients. Once the dental veneers or crowns are made as per your requirement, trials are carried out before fabricating it permanently. Your slightest discontent or hesitation is the reason enough for me to replace the teeth n number of times until you give me a thumbs up.
  • Warranty on Dental Products and Treatment: I provide 15 years of warranty on the customized German made dental crowns and veneers. The crowns and veneers are glued using the Japanese bonding cement that is considered the best in the world.

I Love Scattering Smiles!

I not only help you transform your smile but make you smile more often than ever by boosting your confidence and emotional well-being. A smile makeover by me or the smile of your choice will help you look significantly younger and more rejuvenated. I gear you up to envelope yourself with the poise and grace and captivate hearts with your flashing smile!

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    Excellent hospitality by AVANA staff. Our trip to India couldn’t have been
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    Our Happy Clients

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    Our Happy Clients

    Excellent hospitality by AVANA staff. Our trip to India couldn’t have been
    more satisfying. Fantastic dental job!

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    Our Happy Clients

    Really happy with the staff that worked so hard to ensure our comfort and a great dental service.
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